Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Finished Wizard's Holiday for the second time =^.^= (shuddap, conscience. I know, I know. I'll get to the IB/AP studying at some point in time. ::twitch::)

Binding Oath, for future reference.. or something. o.O Probably more effective in the Speech, but given that no one knows that, and people who do haven't found me and told/taught me yet, it'll be in English, as it is in the book.
I swear by the One, to perform what I promise fully and without any reservation, nor with any mechanism or execution founded in the intention to deceive; to fully inform the wizards of all manner of things of which they inquire; to carry out this information at a speed and in a way best suited to these wizards' desires and the achievement of their ends; and at the end of said achievement, to depart without doing any harm to them or any thing or person affiliated with them in whatever degree, and when the conditions of this swearing are discharged and acknowledged to have been discharged, to go peaceably again into my own place. And all this, by the Power of that One in Which all oaths and all intentions rest, inviting It on my abroachment of this Oath to withdraw the gifts It allows me to enjoy, I swear-

Hm, interesting. The built-in spellcheck says "abroachment" is spelled wrong.

Lady, you'll have the book back tomorrow. Bed now or something like that. Maybe a bit of studying before that...?

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