Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Done with studying for the math test. Earlier than usual, even with having spent my first 3-4 hours at home reading Trickers' Choice. Pretty good, although I think IB English has spoiled my tastes... It feels... shallow, somehow. Same with all the other fantasy books I have read recently.

Mmmm, if my grammar's worse than usual, or if I'm mispelling words, forgive me. I'm not entirely concentrated on typing. Music, iPod, la dee la~ =^.^= Listening to all the musicals I've watched or participated in. (and that I have the soundtracks to. This only includes Jekyll & Hyde, Les. Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Fantasticks, Hello Dolly)

Mmm, feels like I'm missing one. Oh well. Masquerade~ ...Faces~ Take your turn, take your ride on the merry go round...

You know, Masquerade could be rather perverted... if my ear's aren't playing tricks on me. Must look up lyrics someday and read...

Mmm, what else. Ah yes. Wondering if I should go to the Cast Party. I really ought too, seeing how this is my last show... but the first one I went to was just.. mef. I sat around and watched people socialize. Probably my fault really, since I'm not good at socializing. (I fail at it, actually.) Granted, I could just find someone and be either tail.. Lady or Melly, or the Violent Jigglypuff, or Sis, or someone, but I'd rather not be a bother.

And getting home tends to be annoying as well, since it often runs a bit later than my parents enjoy being out. Don't intend on sleeping over.

Vague notes to self:
1. Talk to parents about renting a tux and 2. getting a corsage or whatever that stupid thing is called that seems to be a requirement for prom. Ppppphhhh. I despise formal events. I'm sure I'll end up feeling awkward anyways. ::looks around for her wallflowering spells:: ...although that would be unkind to Senpai...

I should probably also talk to them about it. I'm pretty sure they would not object, as it is a 'ritual'ish thing that's reasonably important. Or so they seem to understand, anyways.

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