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Elemental chart and Xanganess

Heh. Quite a few people were amused by this today, and Anika suggested that I post it on my Xanga for once.. or something to that effect, didn't catch all that she said, so without futher ado, I present:
The Periodic Table Of Elements.

Instructions: Print out, paste on your chem. teacher's walls and watch your classmates write down funky things for elements. :D

I've been browsing friends' blogs every now and then, and the one thing that bothers me is that some people have blog and others have xanga, and, to quote, "never the twain shall meet". I once complained a while back when a bunch of friends of mine closed their LJs to non-users. I thought, "well, what about the rest of us?" And Xanga is somewhat the same (since only members can comment). Never mind that Xanga is much more user-friendly (in my opinion). The point is, I wish there were some way to bridge the two groups. (Link websites to each other and might actually be possible, I'm going to go look up and possibly completely destroy the page source for my Xanga now)

Hm, I'm addressing this here, instead of a comment to her, because she brings up a few points and things that I want to reply to/consider.
1. Closed LJs. It's a needed thing, really, because of the number of annoying eediots who wander around bugging/stalking. And parents, as well. LiveJournal is free. Read: FREE. There's no more invite code crap. So this really shouldn't be an issue anymore. If you're too lazy to fill out a single page form to register for a LJ account... come on, don't be so lazy. Here's the New Journal/Create page.

2. (Personal Opinion here) Xanga User-friendliness. Banners=bad. Layouts, customization=less options. Does support Javascript though. So that could be a plus. But most people complaining about User-friendliness don't need it. And finally, (this counts the most for me, really), one needs to use a browser to update. There's no Xanga Client (not that I'm aware of). This is inconvenient. And bad. Oh, and there's no need to get a "paid" account for a spellchecker. Not that I use spell-check that often. Plus, you get filters in livejournal. So you can limit the visibility of an entry to a certain group of "subscribers" (aka, "friends" in livejournal).

3. Bridging the two groups. This idea interests me.. I've been doing a lot of this, as of late. Bridged.. AIM to IBCorner, AIM to livejournal/livejournal clones, IBCorner to livejournal (, limited network access to world wide area ( I'd like to link xanga to livejournal and vice versa, but without direct access to their code, there isn't any way to do so, really, without downloading a number of pages and gathering information that way. Plus, there's no way to control the content. If someone wants to be read, they'll have to be added to a list or something.

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