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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
"Every 15 minutes" was amazingly touching. And sparked the question of whether I was looking at death correctly. My current view is that death is, you know, death. Part of life and the whole damn cycle of life and the value or goal of life is just to live life to the fullest as I see fit. Death is an experience to see what comes next... hopefully with a few gods that I can whine to. So death isn't something I fear, in particular. Dying, slowly, on the other hand, is a minor fear... However, I don't really consider how/what other people might think of my death. Like, friends, and family. I suppose I could tell them not to grieve, but I doubt they'll listen. Because they'll still miss me. Will I be able to miss them? Probably. Or probably not.

But yes, how should one view death?

Today's Jekyll and Hyde was a success. There weren't any major technical issues ('cept for some feedback during the show... ¬.¬) and I ran camera, which was rather tiring after a while... those headphones hurt, and standing for the entire show is a pain in the back, legs, etc. And the tripod's too tall (it needs to be, though, so the camera can see over the people) so I have to look up into the viewfinder. But it was great, we had a pretty full house (430, I hear?) and people leapt to their feet clapping at the end. Not the slow one person here, one person there, then gradually becoming a standing ovation... it was an instantaneous ovation... and people kept clapping~ and clapping~

Then, maybe it was because I was down there, instead of up in the booth, where I shall be tomorrow, hopefully. Last show... ::sniffs:: I shall miss drama... Lady, join us up there for the ovation?

Yay, got roses today, from Sam (o.O), Lady!, Sis!, and Tara (whee, violent one).

I wasn't able to catch Goldman doing the feedback thing intentionally, but I know he saw the banner/poster. He just folded it up and put it aside though :P Oh well, at least Mr. Rodney seemed to approve of the message... I think. ::shrugs::

Notes to self:
1. Bring VCR - record the show from the monitors
2. Fix the three lights on the catwalk that have dipped into the pit
3. Check with parents for transportation to and from the cast party
4. Order a t-shirt?
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contrasedative From: contrasedative Date: April 24th, 2004 08:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Was the feedback that horribly loud noise that mostly just happened during the first chorus? Why would anyone do that on purpose?
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