Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


It's so nice to just scroll down my friends page and find nothing but v. positive reviews of Jekyll and Hyde... now over, sadly, as is my Black Maskers experience...

People count: 520 - apparently beating Hello Dolly by 1 person.

I wanted to cry, as the audience stood and applauded last night... I'll miss this show, and Black Maskers more, and the feeling of standing up there, in the darkened booth, watching our actors salute us, watching the hard work that everyone's done fall together in one beautiful work of art, of expression, of emotion and just being _there_.

Thank you, Lady, for bringing me to Drama four years ago...

I'm recording the audio from yesterday night's show to my computer now, so in about 4-5 hours, if all goes well, I'll have it split up into tracks for people to download/burn on to CD and pass around/whatever. There's one thing that I neglected to fix - CD and laptop - the two things that went over our mains did not get recorded since it didn't pass through Goldman's equipment and thus didn't go up to the booth monitors for Goldman's stuff. That means I'm missing those 5 sound tracks... oh well.

I need to study and do the history outline thing as well. Feh.

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