Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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Labyrinth Of Flames

::cracks up:: hehehe, stupid comedy, random music, silly chase scenes, and short enough to be enjoyable for the amount of silly fanservice it has. Granted, I just watched the second episode, and kinda have forgotten what the first episode was like... so...

This is the ending song [ mp3, 2.9M | Labyrinth_Of_Flames-ED.mp3 ] they used. It sounds very familiar. Anyone want to identify? Opera? o.O Russian, maybe? [random] Figaro? [/random] o.O Russian might actually make sense. I think the main guy is supposed to be a Russian who wants to become a samurai, and so... Yeah, it's Russian choral music. [ ] Still, anyone wanna identify it further?

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