Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I just got hit by a random "You must reboot" message. Waking my sister's iMac up to continue what I was doing resulted in a "You must reboot" message there too. That is really disturbing. Coincedences like that shouldn't happen. A) They make me dash off to run a virus check and update virus definitions and B) they freak out this poor little, innocent kitty, and C) I probably lost some work or other that I was working on but can't remember now.

Humph. Off to do A.

[edit | seconds later] Oh, and I have reports that 1-20 The Transformation.mp3 skips. Checking on this right now. If you know where to download it (from me) DON'T download it to check for yourself.

Should have bitTorrented this stupid thing.

Ooooh, but Karthik generously offered to provide hosting for the mp3s, so he'll be able to take over some of the traffic. And he has a 35GB bandwidth per month limit, I believe he said o.O $15 per month charge, though. ::shrugs:: but it's ok with his host, so he's uploading the files right now. And the speeds I get from him hit 230KB/s, which is around my upper limit... very nice. I might move the mp3 files off to, although I need to check their bandwidth limit as well. I've got about 2.5 free years left there, and I really ought to use it. However, it takes time to upload, and I'm lazyish. And there's other stuff to do.

[ edit ]
Fuck. 1-20 The Transformation.mp3 DOES skip. And it skips on my original as well. Damn damn damn. That means I need to re-grab it from the VHS tape that I recorded it onto, and I suddenly can't find the tape... I didn't use it for stupid things, did I???

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