Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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Heheheh, awesome!

=^.^= Echo effect. I'm playing the CD along with the tape. But the CD is about half a second late, meaning I hear everything twice... and I get a spiffy echo effect that sounds awesome when it's Spider talking.

::sighs:: pain in the ass though. This means there'll be three versions of the CD out there now... v0.9 which is in Mr. Rodney's hand. v1.0, which I added in track names and uploaded to GraceNote (online CD track indexing/naming service) Now there'll be a v.1.0a for CD 1 (Act 1, really). Phoo. I should have listened to the whole thing before doing all this.

And my memory fails me. Lady, if there's any way to talk to John Hendal online, please tell me, or ask him if he was the one who pointed out to Ben that Transformation was messed up? I want to give credit, but I don't want to credit the wrong person.

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