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Xanga -> LiveJournal

To add your xanga journal to the daily xanga updates
1) Log into xanga.
2) Subscribe to livejournalbridge. (or click here to pop up the subscribe link)
3) go to
4) The password is ruofXeerhtEQ12. That would be four spelled backwards, X, three spelled backwards, EQ12.
5) Enter in your xanga username
6) Enter in a four digit "PIN" that you'll remember. This is to prevent random people from removing your xanga from the list of people that livejournalbridge subscribes to.

The Xanga -> LiveJournal script currently runs at 1 AM each night. If entries start becoming too long, I'll set it to run every 12 hours. Or even every hour, since it now checks the time as well as the date :)

--For the technically curious and those who want to know what actually goes on behind the scenes...--
There is a perl script that, when run, connects to, logs in, and checks, our equivalent of a "friends page". It downloads the first page, parses the usernames/entries/dates/comment links. As it parses, it checks to see if the date/times pass the last recorded date/time (the date/time is the ONLY thing I save on my system. Entries, etc. are NOT saved.). If it doesn't, then it parses the page for the next "friends page" link, grabs that, and continues parsing entries. When it finally reaches the recorded date/time, it rearranges all of the usernames/entries/dates/comment links into an entry that gets posted to livejournal.

The page is written in perl as well, and logs in as livejournalbridge on and manipulates the subscriptions. To prevent random strangers from signing your xanga up to be sent to, I've set it up so that the sign up checks to make sure the xanga being signed up is listed as one of's subscribers. To prevent random strangers from removing you, there's the PIN. The only data saved here is the username and corresponding PIN in a list.

So, if you have a xanga, please do try it out. Although I'm going to startgo back to studying now and I won't have time to fix bugs, I do want to know about the bugs when they pop up. Thanks.

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