Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


IB Physics Paper 2 was disgustingly nasty. Paper 1 started slightly easier than I expected, but got as difficult as I expected.

Paper 2 - did B1 and B4. BTW, what the fuck is the energy transfer over a resistor? Eh? And what's with the stupid British/European terminology that I've never seen before? Damnit, these things need to come with a dictionary.

Oh, and it sucks. Or rather, Mrs. Solomon sucks. Se don't get nice nifty sheets of paper saying that you're taking this IB exam and such and such WITH LITTLE STICKERS! I want my nifty sheets of paper with little stickers... ::sniffs:: They're so motivational... and pretty... and we get to take them when we finish with exams, which I do look forward to...

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