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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!

Testing HTML comments in LiveJournal posts. If they show up on livejournalbridge's friends page, I'll be able to use that as an option for stuff...

[ edit ]
And it doesn't show up. Damnations.
Ok, what about normal looking tags. Oh, such as <a name="">? or <div LiveJournalToXanga= disabled>?

[ edit ]
Heh, ok, both a and div work. Nice. div might work better but there's a possibility it might break something. Hm, why not do it for both? using <a LiveJournalToXanga=disabled>

Note to self: livejournal checks tags for niceness and will add their own </div> and </a> if you don't close them correctly.

Oooh, no, I know, I can use a spiffy complex setup like the <lj-cut> tag and have it set up so a livejournal post that says:
blah blah blah
<a LiveJournalToXanga="disabled" name="[a name]" text="[message]">word word words</a>
babble more...

will cause the post to show:
blah blah blah
(<a href="[entry link]#[a name]">[message]</a>)
babble more...

Hehe, yeah, I like that. Then users can control what shows up on the other server. Mmm, and it shouldn't affect anything on the livejournal side, since the a names="" don't show up.

The only problem is if a user has a link inside the a name="" chunk..?
This is the test. Go to Xanga. After this period, we close the first a name="" tag?

[ edit ]
Nevermind, that doesn't seem to be an issue. I'll just have to make sure I don't accidentally parse the first </a> tag as the end of the LiveJournalToXanga disabling chunk.

[ edit | last time, I promise. After this, I'll start using new entry so you guys can be even more annoyed at me. ]
xella, I'm still interested in/have not forgotten about writing the S2 code for you. It's just that I think I'm going to need more time than I have this weekend to read up on S2 and play around with it on my own server before commiting myself to writing yours. Sadly, S2 isn't really that similar to perl... I don't even know if it supports regexp yet. If it doesn't, that sucks, because regexp is annoying but damn useful (4-12 lines of code can be writen as in one line of regexp). Oh, but I do want to know:
1) You can create top level layers, right? http://www.livejournal.com/customize/advanced/layers.bml
2) Can I take a look at what you want it to look like? That way I'll know which way to work towards...
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xella From: xella Date: May 7th, 2004 07:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
1) As far as I know, yeah. Or... well, not top-level layers, but close enough. The top-level layer is just the one that defines the parameters or something that you can use, if I recall correctly. *checks the unfinished tutorial that kamara linked her to once* Ooh nope, I'm wrong =3; You can, in point of fact, create top-level layers =D

Once you're using S2, go to the Advanced Customization (live or test) section and select Your Layers from the Advanced Options. Then, down at the bottom, under Create Layer, under Create top-level layer, select Layout and click on Create.

So yeah =3; If I recall correctly, this tutorial only got to explaining what code is, rather then how to make it into a layout (it did, however, instruct you on how to make ya HTML. well, kinda. Anyway, that's the part I followed XD;;

The layout in question is thus at the moment. Eventually, obviously, the layout would become universal to wingsoflove's pages (I think S2 supports main, calendar, day, friends, monthview (where all the subjects are listed) and the individual pages (both talk and readlink). I don't think it does memories yet, which is sad (especially coz' I use 'em), but oh well. What also would be nice, but not neccessary, is to be able for S2 to just put its own links to months and stuff on the sidebar. I think that's possible, but I also think it might be complicated to code, hence the not neccessary (I just need to know where in the code I have to go to change it when 2005 rolls around and I need to add thirteen more links to the sidebar =D;;)

What I don't know if I have to do or not is how much HTML I have to do for, say, the calendar page, or the nesting comments on readlink pages, coz' it doesn't really go into that on the tutorial oO; At all. Tho' I imagine I could always nick it from the Component style or something ^^;

Did that make sense? I don't think it did .-.;
ibneko From: ibneko Date: May 7th, 2004 07:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mmm, are you talking about http://robohouse.com/lj/s2/tutorial/page1.shtml? It's the one I have bookmarked and I think you were the one who passed it on to me.. Yeah, it doesn't really cover how to actually write the S2 code, but with the help the S2 layouts that other people have already written and the rather detailed livejournal documentation on S2, it shouldn't be a problem~ =^.^=;

::takes a look at the layout::
Oooh, ok, that shouldn't be too hard for me to create. At least it's not, like, abnormally shaped or something =^^= (like.. with funky ovals or something o.O)

I'll be sure to comment the code so you'll be able to find things, but if you want, I should be able to code it so that it puts it's own links into the sidebar... Mmm, actually, I will probably do that, since I might as well make something I'll be able to alter without too much trouble and use myself. It should be pretty easy, actually, just a few loops. I think I'll try to write it so that one can easily change the whole look using the "Change Individual Settings"/customize option.

Nope, S2 doesn't affect the memories just like it doesn't affect the userinfo pages... They're coded to use the livejournal layout and don't grab your styles. It's a pity, really, especially with the memories page, since it could be done without too much difficulty... I think. Maybe I'll hack through it and submit a patch or something over the summer. Or you could submit it as a feature request.
xella From: xella Date: May 7th, 2004 09:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, that'd be the one =D I wish it would finish, it was making sense, mostly nn;;

Nope, no weird ovals here X);; Though it did take me nigh on five months to get the layout to work on Safari, IE, and Netscape and to look the way I wanted oO; Which is sad, but just goes to show that I need to master HTML and CSS before I even THINK about learning other languages ^^;
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