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...And Not All CDs Are Created Equal...

Sheesh. This is the last time I buy a brandless stack of CDs. These CDs have been the most unreliable pieces of crap I've ever had the pleasure of using. About 4 out of ten fail to be written past the 685 MB point so I've lost who knows how many episodes of anime using these... grrrr.... Oh well. Let's hope no one requests these episodes.

The main reason why I'm ranting is because one of the CDs just died, a quarter of a minute into the burning process. After taking it out to look at it in puzzlement, I found a large dent in the CD.

And the worse part is (kinda unrelated to the above complaints) I've gotten through 50 of the 100 CDs already. And it's only been, what... two months? less? Curse bitTorrent and it allowing me to download so quickly. Well, not really, because it's still so useful as hell.. (figuratively. We all know hell isn't that useful, 'cept for melting wax.)

My anime collection currently stands at approx. 400 GB. Jeeze, this is nearly halfway to what Mad Smurf has. (A hotline anime collector who has more than 1 TB of anime. He also sells CDs for those people who have slow connections. Go buy some from him [ edit | 4/17 11:57 AM ] @ He's reliable ^^ and I think it's a pretty fair price. ::nods and wanders off::

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