Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Volleyball was good today~ I do believe I'm actually making friends with some of the people. Shocks and amazement. We won a game, of which I was partially responsible, having hit quick-balls and getting the offered 2 point bonus.

I've got pictures for you all~
First: Cicadas. Lots of them. Interestingly enough, I haven't really heard them yet, unless it's that continuous sound in the mornings around 9-11ish...? I thought they usually did the mating call/whatnot in the afternoons...? May be mistaken. Most are nice and detailed, due to me being weird and bringing the tripod out. However, some are still a bit blurry 'cause the camera's autofocus kicks in. Bah.

Second: (Probably of less interest to most...) Thespian Inductions. I think I got pictures of each inductee... A good number of them are blurry, just ever so slightly, so instead of the 1600x1200, you'll all get 640x480. Oh, and there's two amusing 15 min silent clips of Margarita, Amanda, and Gio... Originals, in their full blurriness can be found at here.

::sighs:: I need to make a telescoping tripod for the camera. Something light and very collapsable that'll fit in my pocket. (Hey, lookie, I've got something long and hard in my pocketssssss.) I mean, I could use a single legged stand, but apparently that doesn't help too much. I tried using my knee as a stable surface for a number of those, and that didn't seem to work. ::sighs:: And flash is distracting. And makes people aware that they're on camera. Sorry, Lady, I know you hate the blurry pictures. ...Although strangely enough, the ones you're in aren't blurry, if I recall correctly... Including the one where you and SammE are inducting Chris. Then again, it also helps when people aren't moving and swaying around . . .

And I need a bigger memory stick. For my brain, but also for the camera. I can't take pictures in triplicate (or six-plicate) without having to attempt to use the zoom in to figure out which one is least blurry. Usually that works, but apparently.. mef.

And next time I'll try to get closer up. Less blurryness that way, I think, since the camera does (ought to?) have some sort of anti-shaking filter built in, but the larger number of lines it needs to handle means the less effective it is? Hmmm, I dunno. And I need to look at the white balancing option. Sometimes, white-balanced + flash = very blue picture. Repairable in photoshop, but annoying otherwise. Also means that if I want perfect white, I can't take pictures with flash?

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