Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

New Userpic for me...

Dude, I need to figure out how to make animated userpics with photoshop.

Whatever, that can wait. Anyways... 2 Bonus points (or cookies, filled with ex-lax =^.-=) for anyone who is able to guess the series where I got this from. And double that for anyone who can locate the exact pictures I used as the basis for this pic. Be forewarned, I did do some editing to the pic. Oh, and 10 bonus points for anyone who makes a cookie made of lots of ex-lax and eats it themselves. ...just kidding, don't do that... give me the cookie so I can feed it to random people XD

::waits for someone to get the series...::

btw... I haven't watch the series yet. ^^;;


Wow... I've managed to fill up 5 userpic slots. another 5 to go... Dunno if I'll bother uploading them here though.. since they'll delete it in less than a month, when my account reverts to the free user account...


Note to self: make a userpic with Meroko in angel form and one of Takuto in shinigami form...

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