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Date is an object, thus it PASSES BY REFERENCE!

Stupid girl...

(Hah, on the bright side, that proves that my code is in fact correct, and there aren't strange quirky things hidden in S2. And that I'm just stupid. UGH. Can't believe it took me... so long... to realize that. Damnit.)


Yes, now we can move on and finish bug-checking the calendar.

Although in the way I wrote it allows it to be displayed in practically any way required, including spanning years and months and days.

The thing I hate about S2 is their absurd lack of while loops, forcing me to write everything recursively. I'd have less problems using for/while loops, because it's much easier to visualize the running process.. none of this funky looping stuff that shows up as a frigging staircase. Oh well, good recursive practice for me... I think I wrote one of my answers for the AP Comp Sci exam in recursion. Heheh. Speaking of which, it was _easy_. Frightfully so. That either meant that I slipped up and didn't do what I was supposed to do, or that Han is right and it's a waste of time.

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