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...was wonderful. ::snuggles Karen:: love you~

I learned how to "dance". Weird stuff, really just sort of bopping along with the music and wiggling hips accordingly.

Mmm... I feel dizzy, lack of sleep but too much excitement so I can't sleep. I'm more hungry, actually, and thus I have a bowl of instant noodles stuff in front of me, cooling.

I like those LEDs... Eh, figured out how to disconnect the connection so you can turn them off. Need to cut off the nice plastic outer layer though. But pretty.

::sighs:: even now, the memories are starting to collapse together into a blur of colors and emotions... Hopefully I'll remember a moment out of all of the wonderful minutes spent with Karen... just one would be enough, hopefully? More would be better, but I don't know if I'll be able to... I should tie the memories down to something tangible, or something that I can smell or hear. Smell, preferably, since that tends to invoke stronger images...

Pictures are nice, but they don't always carry their feelings of that moment. Got pictures though.

Heh, was Lady the only girl there not in a skirt? ::vague amusement:: Thanks for that short "dance" with me, btw. I won't (will try not to) forget that.

Mmm, and I owe a few people money, I think: Lily, 35 for the limo, and 'melly, 15 for karen's makeup kit thingies that's a present from the three of us.

Post-prom was semi-anticlimatic. The entertainment was nice... moon bounce, laser tag, etc, but a number of people were too dead tired to play.

::sighs:: it's really sad to think that high school is over, minus a day or two... And Lily (as far as I know right now) has failed to obtain a place for beach week, so I doubt I'll be seeing too much of anyone anymore... Besides, Karen won't be here for the week of beach week, so either way, I won't be able to see her. Mrf. I'll need to find something to keep me busy.

I hope college will be as great as the past four years have been. I want a hug . . . ::sniffs::

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