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Wow... /or a comparison of blogs.

I now have 8 journals scattered all over the net.

Of the 8,
4 livejournal typed thingies
1 pitas
1 diaryland
1 blogger
1 xanga

I have spent a total of 5 dollars all together.

Of all of these, livejournal typed blogs are still my favorite. They're still the most powerful in terms of customization, communities, and etc. Pitas is nice in that you can customize the html, but there's no userpics, and there's no communities. Diaryland is too... childish. And clunky. Like a bad website. Blogger... is overused, and thus slow. And also, I don't like the feel of it. I mean, it's kinda nice and all, but there's really no userpics, no communities, etc. Plus, it has Ads. Not that annoying, but compared to the other ones, like pitas, which doesn't have Ads.... Xanga has communities, but it doesn't allow customization. And it has Ads. Of course, neither does livejournal, but livejournal has free server code, which I'm using to run OOooh, but Xanga has a lifetime account for $100. Psssh, like I'm actually going to buy it. I can just run livejournal on my own.

As of this right now, there's two other things I haven't tried yet.
First, there is DeadJournal, which is the same as liveJournal (same code, just a different server cluster). It requires $ to join. (well, so does LiveJournal). Assuming you can't get an creation code.
Then there's Movable Type. I haven't looked at this at all yet. Plan to do so in the near future.
Oh, and there's another journal thingie, similar to DiaryLand, but very childish. I've forgotten where. It's by the same guy/using the same code... In fact, Diaryland is actually an extended version of the pitas code, if I'm not mistaken.

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