Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Dum dee dum...

Final steps... Brief Commenting to outline where things are... (Xella, if you have questions when reading through it, please don't be afraid to ask me... Just umm... give me the line number and the method/function/whateveryouwanttocallit name and I'll tell you what it does.)

I'd suggest BBEdit if you need to edit the code. It's got line number and spiffy coloring (use perl... it's closest to the crippled thing that is S2.)

Ummm, will post both the Top-level layer Layout and the User Customization Layer that you'll need. You should be able to copy, paste, and compile without problems, assuming LiveJournal hasn't massively changed their S2 code in the past month or so. If there are problems, copy and paste the error message and send that to me, through a comment or an e-mail.

Should post the links to the layout and user layer in about 30 min, max.

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