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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Oh, yeah...
And other than the DVD burner (Firewire, $129. Yay rebates!), I also got two iBots... nice little firewire webcams that turned out to cost me a total of $75. See, originally, it went at the price of $99, at clearance, since there was only one left. However, we needed two webcams, and the creative labs guy that was there trying to sell creative webcams suggested that they sell us the demo iBot as well. We were supposed to get that one at $75, but due to some miscommunication, the final salesclerk person who manned the cash register ringed up the iBot that was for clearance as $75 and dropped the demo iBot in the bag as well...

So essentially we got the clearance iBot for free~ and only paid for the demo. Wheee.

The only problem now is that these iBots don't include mics on them, so now I need to find some way to get audio........

Current Music: DDRMAX NONSTOP MEGAMIX-Various Artists-DDRMAX Original Soundtrack

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