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I'm BAAAACK~! =^_____^=

well, kinda and not really. I'm going back away to continue working after this post. I've finished taking the 3 hour sample IB Math Methods exam (I split it, the 1 hour section in the morning, the 2 hour section in the afternoon)... It's so freakishly long. The good side, I've learned all the material. The bad? I've forgotten the statistics part, and also some other minor things. The exam is so freakishly long... ::feels mentally drained:: ...not to mention rather boring, and not really challenging... I managed to make several stupid mistakes on the 1 hour part... dunno about the 2 hour part since I don't have the answer key.

now to look at that IB computer science exam.. when I browsed over it, there were a whole lot of things I didn't know... ::frowns:: not a good sign, esp. since the exams are only a week (or two??) away. fuck.

but before that, I'll reply to the 15 comments (well, probably 10, since at least 1 out of 3 shouldn't need replying to.. not like I really have to, but it's fun anyways...)

mef. And I should probably finish writing my english journals, reading palmer, and studying for the physics test tuesday. Let's put those after the Chinese sample tests that I'm supposed to do. Which comes after looking over the IB computer science exams. Mraf. School doesn't stress me out... I stress myself out! >.

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