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Hah, crypicness...

...'cause like, why not? It's late at night, and if people interpret it incorrectly, or question me tomorrow, I'll muss something else up.

But trouble's pretty imminent anyways, so I might as well. Ok, not that imminent. And it's probably just going to be me causing trouble. For saying this. Then again, maybe not. ¬.¬ make up your mind, damnit.

But this was the original message. Stuff before and after it are musing that came as a result of me thinking. Yes, thinking.
So that's what it meant. Ooooh, ok. You weren't supposed to tell that person that, it was the _action_ you were supposed to do.

Got to wonder what would have happened if I had read that correctly in the first place. Probably would have been less of a mess, and people would be happier overall, maybe. Although it might have been the telling that pushed said person further? Mmmm, action and counteraction. Yay. I love how damn predictable this world is sometimes.[/sarcasm]

Hm, and just to make it worse, let me tell you now that it's not about you, you, or you. =^_____^= Oh yeah, that helps, doesn't it. But it is about you. ::nods::

I'm only insane for short periods of time. Before 3 AM and after midnight. Oh yes, and that's when I get the most work done. Yep. 'cept I don't have work, so I'm going to babble. As opposed to sleeping, 'cause I really want to watch Naruto, but it's downloading at 29KB/s and not rising above 50KB. Goddamn. Wanna watch!

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