Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


USB died again.
AppleUSBOHCI[0x13c1000] Watchdog detected dead controller (hcca #: 12191, hc #: 62127)
is the console message I get. And now it's going to repeat this forever until I restart. And fill up my log files. Damnit... I need to know why. Is it because the cord on my mouse is fraying inside and breaking, like the reports have said apple mice do after a year? Or is it because of some other reason?

The only "fix" for this is the restart. The USB port stays dead. Like, plugging other stuff into it doesn't work, the console messages continue on and on and never stop...

oh, scratch that, I've got a fix. Oh, yay, a fix! Dude, this rocks... no more stupid USB crapping. In the developer tools from apple, there's a USB Prober. Opening that and hitting log stops the messages. Quitting that, then plugging the USB cords back into the dead USB port works! Hurrah. Mmmm, I ought to point this out the the very rare few on apple discussions that also had this problem of mysterious USB death. Meh. requires loading and finding those entries though.. Anyone want to do it for me?

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