Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

First Weblog: Alright...

Hopefully, but doubtfully, the last and final test entry for the MTLJPost, thus officially named MTXPost.

Credit for the plugin remains with the author, as I use much of his code, although I've change a good 60-80% of it. Additons to the MTXPost plugin include:
- ability to post to multiple journals at once.
- ability to set userpics for multiple journals.
- ability to post to xanga.

Editing posts and deleting has not been tested, and of course, well require further extensive testing to find bugs that no doubt exist (or don't exist yet, and ought to...). Damn. So this will not be the last and final entry posted via MTXPost.

Hopefully this will go though and appear on all three servers though:,, and Journal username: IBNeko. Look me up, see if I did this correctly!

Oh, yeah, and credit goes to Marisa, who is funding this hack. =^.^=

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