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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
I'm so... busy... procrastinating.. doh.

Lord of the Ads! Parts 1-3 By : Cranberry, An author at Stories.com
> Pg-13
> Disclaimer: I don't own LOTR. There are
> times, however, when I feverently wish that I
> owned Legolas. ^-^ You get my point.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> ~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Hobbit
> Scene: (Gollum sees Bilbo at the edge of his
> slimy little lake. Hungry, he begins to row
> towards shore, but pauses and turns to the
> camera.)
> Gollum: Hobbit, the other white meat.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Gandalf and Frodo are riding on the
> cart thru Hobbiton. All the Hobbits turn to
> watch them go by.)
> Hobbit #1: Gandalf, did you cut your beard?
> Gandalf: Nope.
> (The cart continues on.)
> Hobbit #2: Are those new robes, Gandalf?
> Gandalf: Unfortunately, no.
> (The cart continues on.)
> Hobbit #3: Gandalf, is that a new pointy hat?
> Gandalf: No.
> (The cart continues on.)
> Hobbit #1: Did you just get back from
> Rivendell?
> Gandalf: I wish I was there right about now,
> but no.
> Hobbit #1: Are you sure you didn't trim your
> beard?
> Gandalf: That's the sort of thing I'd notice,
> wouldn't you think?
> Hobbit #1: New haircut?
> Gandalf: I don't cut my hair.
> (Frodo shudders.)
> Announcer Voice: What's different about
> Gandalf? He asked his doctor about Staff.
> (Gandalf winks at a Hobbit maid)
> Announcer Voice: Now the next time he goes
> to Rivendell, he can have a REAL vacation.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Two Towers
> Scene: (Frodo is walking thru Mordor with a
> cell phone at his ear. Sam is about a hundred
> yards behind him, also wielding a cell phone.)
> Frodo: Can you hear me now?
> (Slightly garbled response from Sam.)
> Frodo: Good!
> (Frodo takes another step.)
> Frodo: Can you hear me now?
> (Another slightly garbled response from Sam.)
> (Frodo grins with satisfaction.)
> Frodo: Good!
> Announcer Voice: Verizon, taking pains to
> make sure you'll be heard everywhere. Yup.
> (Happy picture of Orc with cell phone.)
> Announcer Voice: Even Mordor.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Hobbit
> Scene: (The Goblin King's throne room.)
> Goblin King: I have a hard job to do. I have to
> capture Dwarves and Hobbits traversing
> mountain trails.
> (scene of Bilbo and Co. in chains)
> Goblin King: As a result I eat a lot of irregular
> food. But my hordes are depending on me; I
> can't stop for constipation, so I use Metamucil.
> (Random goblin holds up bottle of Metamucil
> and grins.)
> Announcer Voice : Now in new hobbit flavor!
> So now Metamucil has a taste that beats
> Ex-Lax 2 to 1.
> Goblin King: When I need quick relief, I turn to
> Metamucil. It helps me stay regular!
> (All Goblins grin.)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Bilbo is talking to the Sprint Man, ya
> know, the guy with the black trench coat. Frodo
> is sitting next to him.)
> Bilbo: (sighs) I told Frodo to bring my magic
> Ring. He brought...
> Sprint Man: ...the Witch King. (nods
> sympathetically)
> (The Witch King is shown in background,
> knocking things over with crashing noises.
> Bilbo cringes repeatedly.)
> Sprint Man: It's not his fault. It's the cellular
> static.
> (Crash.)
> Sprint Man: Here. (hands Bilbo a cell phone.
> Bilbo presses buttons excitedly.)
> Announcer Voice: Sprint has built the only
> all-digital nation wide wireless network.
> Sprint Man: So you'll always be clear.
> (Bilbo smiles, then gives Frodo a frosty glare
> as the Witch King stabs a bookcase.)
> Bilbo: (whirls around.) Not the...(Crash.)
> ...map. (sighs.)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Two Towers
> Scene: (Legolas is wandering around at night
> in Rohan. He fingers a strand of limp gold hair
> and sighs dramatically. His face lights up as
> he gets an idea and whips a bottle of Herbal
> Essences shampoo out of his quiver, opens it
> up, and takes a sniff.)
> Legolas: Ahhhhh....
> Orcs: (spring on-screen, singing as music
> begins to play) He's got the urge!!!!! The urge
> to Herbal!!!!!!!
> (Orcs surround Legolas and begin to
> shampoo his hair.)
> Legolas: OOoooooh, yes...!
> (Orcs finish with his hair, then step away and
> triumphant music plays)
> Legolas: (Swirls hair dramatically, blinding
> several Orcs.) Oh, yes!
> Announcer Voice: Herbal Essences, now in
> new Pomegranate and Strawberry. Have you
> got the urge?
> Legolas: (Grins triumphantly and runs fingers
> through hair.) I do!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Two Towers
> Scene: (Aragorn is wandering around at night
> in Rohan. He does not notice how
> is. He picks up the bottle of Herbal Essences
> that Legolas has just discarded and tentatively
> takes a sniff.)
> Aragorn: What the...?
> Orcs: (spring on-screen, singing as music
> begins to play) He's got the urge!!!!! The urge
> to Herbal!!!!!!
> (Orcs surround him and begin to shampoo
> his hair.)
> Aragorn: Oh, yeah, just like Arwen! (Suds
> begin to turn brown. Very, very brown.)
> (Orcs finish shampooing and dive off screen
> as triumphant music begins to sound.)
> Aragorn: What the hell, I'm blonde?!?!?!
> (fingers hair interestedly.) I never realized
> that...
> Announcer: Herbal Essences. Now in extra
> powerful formula...for those who REALLY
> need it. Have you got the urge?
> Aragorn: I still don't get what the f*** is going
> on here...
> Disclaimer: I don't own LOTR. It would be fun
> if I did, but I don't.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Return of the King
> Scene: (Frodo is trudging through Mordor.
> Shot of mithril shirt.)
> Announcer Voice: Mithril shirt: 1000 dollars.
> (Shot of Sting.)
> Announcer Voice: Magic sword: 650 dollars.
> (Mount Doom comes into view, and Frodo
> manages to smile with some relief.)
> Announcer Voice: Knowing you're saving the
> world: Priceless. There are some things in life
> you can't buy; for everything else, there's
> Mastercard.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Elrond is standing by the balcony in
> Rivendell.)
> Elrond: Being immortal has its price. When
> you're 2000 years old, you need a denture
> adhesive that really lasts. (Elrond bites deeply
> into random cob of corn that has just
> appeared in his hand.) That's why I use Super
> Poligrip.
> (Shot of Super Poligrip being applied to
> Elrond's dentures.)
> Elrond: Super Poligrip. I couldn't live without
> it.
> (Elrond smiles and his dentures fall out.) Shit!
> Cut...
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Merry and Pippin have converted Bag
> End into a dance club and are raving with an
> assortment of neon-dressed hobbits.
> Suddenly, Bilbo bursts in.)
> Bilbo: What the hell is going on here?!?!
> (Techno music stops instantly.)
> Pippin: Uh-oh...(shuffles backward with other
> hobbits)
> Merry: (steps forward confidently.) Here, Bilbo,
> have an Ice!
> Bilbo: (takes bottle) Hey, this is cool! (Music
> starts up again and all the hobbits get back to
> dancing, including Bilbo)
> Announcer Voice: They have just discovered
> the joy of Smirnoff Ice. Smirnoff Ice--enjoy it
> responsibly...somewhat responsibly.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Two Towers
> Scene: (An Orc is standing in the middle of his
> house, which is entirely white--couch, carpet,
> etc. Suddenly, a rider of Rohan and another
> Orc burst in. The Orc decapitates the rider of
> Rohan, whose head lands on the rug and
> sends up a geyser of blood.)
> Orc #1: I bet you're thinking I should be
> freaking out right about now. But I'm not,
> thanks to Bissel Steam Cleaner with
> Scotchgard Protection!
> Orc #2: Sorry, man.
> Orc #1: It's OK! (runs off screen and then back
> on with a vacuum cleaner) See? (Blood stains
> disappear as he runs the Steam Cleaner over
> them) Hey, I have an idea...
> (Cut to: Orcs with smoothies)
> Orcs: Smoothies! (clink glasses together,
> sending smoothie all over the rug.)
> Orc #1: It's cool. There's Scotchgard
> protection!
> Announcer Voice: Bissel Steam Cleaner, with
> Scotchgard Protection! Making your floor so
> clean even an Orc would love it!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Two Towers
> Scene: (Legolas and Gimli are fighting off a
> tidal wave of Orcs in one of the huge battles.
> Legolas ducks as an Orc tries to decapitate
> him and stabs it, then turns to Gimli, still
> fighting off Orcs)
> Legolas: Good thing I have that insurance!
> Gimli: (hacks off an Orc's arm) What
> insurance?
> Duck: (waddles on-screen and nearly gets
> stepped on by an Orc) AFLAC!
> Legolas: It gives you money when you miss
> work because of battle-related injuries!
> Gimli: What?
> Duck: (getting annoyed) AFLAC! Aiiiieeee!
> (leaps out of the way as an Orc next to it is
> impaled by an arrow)
> Legolas: You should really consider getting it.
> Gimli: What???!
> Duck: AAAAAAFLAC! (dead Orc squishes it)
> Damn.
> Announcer Voice: AFLAC. Ask about it at work.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (The Uruk-Hai in the pits near
> Isengard, brushing their teeth)
> Announcer Voice: Why are these Uruk-Hai
> using Colgate Total?
> Uruk-Hai #1: (punches Uruk-Hai #2 in the
> mouth)
> Announcer Voice: Not only does it protect their
> teeth, it also protects them from staining--for
> 12 whole hours!
> Uruk-Hai #2: (brushes teeth vigorously,
> smiles. Teeth are perfectly white.)
> Announcer Voice: (as Uruk-Hai #2 slams
> Uruk-Hai #1 into a wall.) Colgate Total.
> Complete, 12 hour protection from stains...of
> all kinds.
> Uruk-Hai #3: Now with advanced Bloodgard
> protection!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Gimli is shaving in his room in
> Rivendell)
> Gimli: With a beard like mine, I need a razor
> with some real kick. That's why I use Shick!
> (Shot of Gimli cutting off heads of Goblins with
> his axe)
> Gimli: (gets razor stuck in beard) Oh,
> shit...(yanks on razor) Ouch...
> (Screen goes black, showing the Shick logo,
> but we can still hear Gimli)
> Gimli: Oh, f***, stupid f***ing razor...would
> somebody give me a hand here? Ouch...
> (sound of something breakable being
> knocked over.) Dammit, damn razor!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (The Nazgul are riding through the
> forest, black cloaks billowing)
> Announcer Voice: Meet Nazgul #1, and Nazgul
> #5. Both of them wear black cloaks, but only
> one of them uses Woolite Dark.
> (Nazgul #1 throws his cloak into washing
> machine; Nazgul #5 throws his cloak into a
> second washing machine. Nazgul #1 adds
> Woolite Dark; Nazgul #5 adds a regular
> cleaner. Both pull out their cloaks and the
> camera zooms in)
> Announcer Voice: So as Nazgul #5 begins to
> fade, Nazgul #1 stays as dark as ever. And for
> the Nazgul, that's a very good thing. Woolite
> Dark. Protect your Blackness.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Legolas is wandering through
> Lothlorien, holding his bow.)
> Announcer Voice: How Legolas Greenleaf
> eats a Reeses...
> (A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup flies by. Legolas
> impales it with an arrow, then takes out the
> arrow and takes a bite.)
> Legolas: Mmmmmmm...
> Announcer Voice: There's no wrong way to eat
> a Reeses.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Many, many hobbits are standing on a
> blank screen. They are all sneezing, rubbing
> at their eyes, and looking generally
> miserable.)
> Announcer Voice: Every day, millions of
> hobbits in the Shire are waking up to millions
> of allergens. (a hobbit swells up and
> explodes; other hobbits don't seem to notice
> him in their misery. Perky music begins to
> play)
> Announcer Voice: (as Clarinex logo fills the
> screen) But help is in sight. Clarinex is here.
> Clarinex contains an ingredient that enables it
> to effectively block histamine, giving relief to
> most kinds of allergies. (rattles off a long list
> of side effects, including, in rare cases, that
> hobbit users of Clarinex have swelled up and
> exploded.)
> (Hobbits stop sneezing and smile.)
> Announcer Voice: You, too, can live without
> your allergies. Ask your doctor to see if
> Clarinex is right for you.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (most of the Fellowship are fleeing
> from the Uruk-Hai, all except Merry, who
> stands his ground and is obliviously eating a
> bag of Bugles. Suddenly, he is confronted by a
> rather large Uruk-Hai)
> Uruk-Hai: Grrrrrrrr.....
> Merry: (almost pops Bugle in his mouth, then
> reconsiders and throws it into the Uruk-Hai's
> mouth)
> Uruk-Hai: (eats it and growls until Merry feeds
> him another one as other Uruk-Hai stream
> past in hot pursuit of Pippin, who won't stop
> screaming.)
> Pippin: Aiiiieeeeee!
> Merry: (looks down to get another Bugle for the
> Uruk-Hai and discovers that the bag is empty.)
> Announcer: (As the Uruk-Hai begins to growl
> and Merry whimpers.) There's no such thing
> as too many Bugles.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Return of the King
> Scene: (Orthanc. Everything is rather dirty and
> Orcs are milling about aimlessly. Suddenly,
> perky music begins to play as Sauron bursts
> on wielding a container of Clorox)
> Singing: Sauron keeps our tower bright like
> the rainbow, Sauron keeps our tower white
> with a new glow, Sauron's got the magic
> of...Clorox!
> Sauron: (Runs around throwing filthy Orc
> clothing into a washing machine. The Orcs
> dance around happily as their nasty hairy
> clothes come out...white!)
> Singing: Sauron's got the magic, Sauron's got
> the magic, Sauron's got the magic of...Clorox!
> Sauron: (wipes bloodstains off of Orc's armor,
> who smiles)
> Singing: Sauron's got the magic, Sauron's got
> the magic, Sauron's got the magic of...Clorox!
> Disclaimer: I don't own LOTR. Owning a few
> hobbits and elves would be fun though...^-^
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Merry and Pippin are sitting on a balcony
> in Rivendell, eating Yoplait yogurt.)
> Merry: (eats a spoonful) This is good.
> Pippin: This is... (thinks for a second as he
> eats a spoonful of yogurt) pint at the pub good!
> Merry: Finding mushrooms good.
> Pippin: Playing with fireworks good.
> Merry: Second breakfast good.
> Pippin: Stealing carrots good.
> Merry: Dancing like a chicken good.
> Pippin: Getting hit in the head with an apple
> good!
> Merry: (looks at him strangely)
> Pippin: (runs out of yogurt) Oh, shit, this is
> bad.
> Merry: Aw, who cares about yogurt, let's go get a
> pint instead!
> Pippin: Yeah!
> Announcer Voice: (as picture of yogurt appears)
> Yoplait. It is so good...sort of...
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Gandalf is slipping off the edge of the
> bridge in Moria, while Aragorn stands around
> nearby)
> Gandalf: A little help here, please?
> Aragron: I lowered my cholesterol!
> Gandalf: You think I care right now? Help me!
> (Cut to: Outside the mines, all the hobbits are
> crying pitifully. Legolas looks very distressed.
> Boromir looks serious. Aragorn has this big stupid
> grin on his face)
> Aragorn: Hey, Frodo!
> (Frodo turns around and a single tear runs down
> his cheek)
> Aragorn: I lowered my cholesterol!
> (Cut to: Legolas and Aragorn are standing next to
> each other at Amon Hen. Legolas looks even MORE
> distressed and turns to Aragorn.)
> Legolas: Something draws near; I can feel it!
> Aragorn: I lowered my cholesterol!
> (Cut to: Boromir is stuck full of arrows and is
> lying on the ground, dying. Aragorn is kneeled
> beside him)
> Boromir: The halflings...I think they are not
> dead!
> Aragorn: I lowered my cholesterol! (Legolas rolls
> his eyes)
> (Cut to: Aragorn and Arwen are standing in
> Rivendell at night--big romantic scene.)
> Aragorn: (is about to say...) I...
> Arwen: (cuts him off gleefully) I lowered my
> cholesterol!
> Announcer Voice: In case you haven't heard, which
> is pretty damn impossible at this point, Honey Nut
> Cheerios may help you lower your cholesterol! Be
> like Aragorn!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Sam is wrapping up food in Bag End using
> Saran Quick Covers)
> Sam: (as he snaps a Saran Quick Cover over a
> plate of cheese) I love that snapping sound!
> Frodo: (appears in the door)
> Sam: (covers a Tupperware and holds it up
> triumphantly) Look, Mr. Frodo, these even cover
> irregularly shaped ones!
> Frodo: (rolls his eyes and walks away) That's
> nice, Sam.
> Sam: (looks at next Saran Quick Cover in the box)
> Oooh, pink!
> Announcer Voice: Saran Quick Covers, the simple
> alternative to plastic wrap.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring
> Scene: (Sauron brings a garbage bag into the
> kitchen, which promptly breaks and spills garbage
> all over the place)
> Sauron: Oh, f***!
> Woman: Sauron is MAD. He used a bargain bag and
> it broke.
> Sauron: This is no bargain! (bag bursts into
> flame)
> Woman: Sauron, you should have used Glad! Glad
> Bags are powerful!
> Sauron: Just like the Ring?
> Woman: Yup. None stronger! (throws box of garbage
> bags to Sauron)
> Sauron: (catches it) Cool!
> Woman: Don't get mad, get Glad!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Book/Movie: The Two Towers
> Scene silloutte of an Urk-hai is at center
> screen) Annoucer Voice: Full battling capacity,
> realitvly high intelligence rating, incredible
> strength and the best part is.......It's used?"
> (light on Urk-hai, which grunts in perplexity)
> Announcer Voice: Honda Certified Used Urk-hai
> because it may be used, but it's still a Honda

TOP 5 SONGS OF THE MOMENT: (in my case, top 5 most recently played...)
1: Everything's ALL Right - Kuraki Mai
2: Ever Stay Snow - Shiho
3: DDRMAX (Dance Dance Revolution) - Freckles (Kcp Re-Edit)
4: Allay Pain - Iwasaki Taku - Witch Robin OST1 [VICL-60931]
5: Healing Oil - Crystal Lewis - Beauty For Ashes

TOP 5 RECORDS OF THE MOMENT: (taken off iTunes since I really don't know...)
1: Full Moon Wo Sagashite OST
2: Hack Sign OST 1
3: Hack Sign OST 2
4: Spirited Away OST
5: Angelic Layer OST

1: the computer room
2: my room
3: my head.... O.O
4: ....?
5: ....?

1: Spirited Away
2: Matrix Reloaded
3: X-men: mutents unite
4: Bruce Allmighty
5: ....?

1: www.livejournal.com
2: ibneko.servehttp.com
3: www.megatokyo.com
4: www.google.com
5: www.chezmark.com

1: Lady, who's always on my mind. well... almost always.
2: Senpai, who I've been kinda talking to...
3: me
4: my sister/family... chattering away in the background
5: the random person who's livejournal I took this off of.

2) Last car ride: Yesterday
3) Last kiss: ano... never kissed before T.T
4) Last good cry: that night... whenever it was...
5) Last Library Book Checked Out: It's been a while
6) Last movie seen: Spirited Away (watched it again)
7) Last Book Read: Palmer
8) Last cuss word uttered: damnit
9) Last beverage drank: milk
10) Last Food consumed: noodles of some sort..
11) Last Crush: too long ago...
12) Last phone call: To Meg
13) Last TV show watched: chinese news
15) Last time showered: last night
16) Last shoes worn: old sneakers
17) Last CD played: Don't know...
14) Last Item Bought: dunno.....
18) Last downloaded: HenWen
19) Last annoyance: Goddamn headache
20) Last disappointment: myself
21) Last soda drank: Coke, probably
22) Last thing written: This survey
23) Last key used: to the closet stage left
24) Last word spoken: No, it's strawberry cheesecake? (to my sister)
25) Last trip to the bathroom: Tuesday, bwahahaha. jk. but the stupid question doesn't deserve an answer.
26) Last sleep: last night?
27) Last IM: Senpai...
28) Last sexual fantasy: oooh, fun, noon.
29) Last orgasm: Ano..... ::blushes:: next question...
30) Last weird encounter: huh?
31) Last Store Shopped at: Safeway
32) Last ice cream eaten: sherbert stuff, friday
33) Last time amused: 2 minutes ago
34) Last time wanting to die: at least a month ago
35) Last time in love: With someone else? ::shrugs:: define love.. and how much is required before it's called love.
36) Last time hugged: last night
37) Last time scolded: By my conscience. 2 minutes ago -.-
38) Last time resentful: mmm.. probably a week ago..
39) Last chair sat in: the one I'm in now
40) Last lipstick used: some nameless brand... too many years ago.
41) Last underwear worn: hanes
42) Last bra worn: ano... n/a
43) Last shirt worn: a white t-shirt
44) Last class attended: Math, 7th period, last last friday
45) Last Final taken: Uhh.. Chinese?
46) Last time dancing: Never danced...
47) Last poster looked at: No clue..
48) Last show attended: Hello Dolly
49) Last webpage visited: www.livejournal.com
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marbenais From: marbenais Date: April 19th, 2003 10:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Those LotR things will keep me amused for a while.

Oh, yeah, and in answer to the question via Xiao Cong . . . sure.  What the hell.  You are me anyway, what difference does it make?

You should call me more often, we both need the practice on phones, since we hate them.

That night . . . gods, Ben, we've been through so much with each other . . . ::stares silently at the screen for a while:: . . . never forget that I love you, and not just because we're the same person almost all the time.
ibneko From: ibneko Date: April 20th, 2003 12:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
::sulks:: but talking on the phone is so much quicker and easier... and like, I can't do emotions on the phone. well, I could start talking in third person...

..you know, and we don't have that much to talk about now anymore... dunno why.. or maybe you've become more quiet and/or I need to learn to search for conversation topics......

::nods quietly::
marbenais From: marbenais Date: April 20th, 2003 08:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
No, you mean talking online is so much quicker and easier, silly.

But . . . we have the same thoughts, so convermasations get redundant sometimes.
ibneko From: ibneko Date: April 20th, 2003 08:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
::blinks:: oh. yeah.

gah, you signed off before I could ask you if there's a palmer tuesday. Oh well.

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