Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

MTXPost 1.0b (based on the MTLJPost 1.7.2)

- Editing previously posted entries.
- Deleting previously posted entries.
- Posting to multiple journals is pretty well tested now and should
be considered a stable function.

Future possible changes [difficulty]:
Combination of Post and Edit code to avoid repetation. [medium - annoying]
Inclusion of other blogging methods. (blogger?) [dependant on method]


Mmmm, yeah. After I pass the code onto Marisa, I'll make a site and possibly put this online. We'll see. If you guys/anyone wants to see the code, please contact me. Be forewarned, I may ask you to donate money to Marisa, who was the one who funded this in the first place. That is, if the money every arrives... o.O USPS be slow, apparently. Or I'm getting ripped off by people... don't want to think about that... 'cause I'm also waiting for the other guy's money to arrive. ::frowns:: and his e-mail just bounced. At least he's on livejournal long enough so that I can track him down that way. Don't like the idea of possibly having to stalk him until I get my money though... pain in the ass. I will do it if the money doesn't arrive though.

Note to self: Need to cash Xella's check.
Also need to reply to two more party/open house invitations.
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