Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Changelog... things of interest.

Quick Reply was added to old style comment pages (S1, and S2 styles which use the old style comment pages)
-Causes problems for those who use userpics, as xella noted~

New lj links were now added: lj://memories/username, lj://pubkey/username, lj_//todo/username, lj://userinfo/username/, lj://userpics/username. For example, once the new code is live, Link to exampleusername's userinfo will displays as Link to exampleusername's userinfo.
-Spiffy, although I don't foresee lots of people using it. In addition, it'll break some pagescrapers...

S2 now returns human redable errors instead of dying.
-Oh, _sure_ NOW they fix that.
...'cept it never really died on me. Unless death means something else...?

Some community related stuff. Doesn't apply to me, and I don't know a good number of those problems or issues, so I won't restate them. You may read the entire changelog post here.

And something odd, posted in lj_support:
We're getting a lot of requests about the memes that post into your journal. What you need to know:

First of all - it cannot get your password or change your password. There are a lot of rumors that it can, but it can't. Reassure users that their passwords are safe....

[ source ]

Interesting. Wonder why people thought that. I mean, unless it takes you to a server that clearly isn't livejournal and asks for your password (as in, please log into livejournal first...?), there's no way to get the passwords, right? Especially with livejournal's 1) javascript encrypt password before sending thing, and 2) the SSL servers that most people have been using, instead of 1, 'cause 1 is a fallback.

(People may want to doublecheck on the last point regarding javascript and password encryption... I'm pretty sure it's there and that's what it is, but I don't remember exactly, and I may be mixing it up with something else.)

Ok, no, I don't wonder. Most people don't know html forms and such, so they're excused for their silliness.

[ edit ]
Ok, I take that back. Went in, read a bit more [ lj_dev post 1, post 2 ]
Description of the meme and workings

Mind, none of the memes that attempt this will work now, due to a patch.

[ edit, again ]
Ok, to clarify, the meme (now termed sausage.. O.o?) goes in and submits a post for you, through the use of javascript that _your_ browser runs. It is unable to get to your password or identification information. The only thing it does is it instructs your browser to include the required identification information onto the server in a POST (http request) to update.bml, the livejournal web-based update page. It is unable to tell what the information is (unless you have a bad browser), but it knows what the information is called.

Mmmm, hopefully, I got that right. Now off to see Sis~

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