Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

The quick reply thingie....

Currently it has only been added to S1 styles although we do plan to eventually add it to S2 as well.

All known, and reproducible, bugs have been fixed with it and these fixes were put live mid-day yesterday. This includes it forcing "Re: " into subjects, an earlier error of missing required fields, as well as it breaking when comment subjects contained quote characters. Today I have modified it so that users cannot double click the submit form buttons although this change is not currently live on the site.

This morning I have also added a new userprop to allow users to disable quick reply and instead use the old method to reply. This option will only be a console command and will not be added to any of the manage pages. The command will be "set disable_quickreply" and then either a 0 or a 1. This command is not yet live on the site and I currently do not have an estimated amount of time before it will be.

It is planned to add the ability to select a user picture when commenting to the quick reply form. This seems to really be the most requested, and complained about it being lacking, feature out of everything that was not added to the quick reply form. I am hoping to have this patch checked into CVS today, but once again do not have a time frame for when it will be on the live site....

[ source - for two main "bugs" found and spell check possibilities ]

So, ability to turn it off~ and userpics~. Someone's wishes have been heard ;)

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