Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I hate the phone.

Or maybe it's just talking on it, with people I don't usually talk to, that bothers me, because I can't say half a sentence and expect them to pick up the rest. Or I just randomly feel awkward about RSVPing, dunno. ::frowns:: People should always have e-mailing as an option...

Now, to find a leash for that collar Lady gave me, so I can be a leashed being...

Mmmm... _balls_ of yarn. Shiny metal pieces (handcuffs, he means? Or chains perhaps?) Squirt guns.. hehehe. no beach balls here, or CDs.. or records... well, none that amuse me anyways. ::frowns:: unless I figure out how to burn avi files to DVD, there won't be DVDs~ nope.

Anyone found Sam's LJ yet, btw? ::curious::

Oh, and crashes are still bad things o.O despite journaling being enabled... Have noticed, on many occasions (like.. more than 10? Over the past... who knows how long?) of bits and parts of files being relocated into other bits and parts of files. It's not good. No, not good at all. For example, I found random XML-styled strings in my httpd error log file. And it says "ljWindow", "Path for local archiving", etc. The scary thing is that if this data is here, then what happen to where the data's supposed to be? Is that elsewhere now? Is it being overwritten as we speak?

And my bitTorrent downloads are starting over from 0 again (meaning that something happened to 800+ MB of data... dislocated and not found while the client checked the file...). I should download the other torrent files and run a check on the files that finished downloading before the crash.

Granted, the corrupted files seem to be ones that I've used recently. This is... semi-reassuring, meaning old files that haven't been touched for a long time won't get messed up? Hopefully?

And does anyone know where went? They've been unreachable for a long time now...

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