Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Leaving for the orientation tomorrow morning at 7... although the flight's at 9AM, dad's the panicky type, so we'll leave earlier, hence 7. NW#418 BWI->DTW, NW#3073 DTW->CMI, arriving in Illinois at 12:40

Orientation check-in starts at 8 on monday, followed by a number of things, including a Chemistry Placement exam for me o.O. I'm not studying for it. No. It's been 2+ years since I've taken Chemistry, and even if I had studied, I wouldn't remember much. :P Besides, placement. I want an easier class... let's aim for straight A's now.. haha. yeah. right.

Orientation will end at 5 PM, on tuesday, and we'll leave at 5:47 and be back by midnight, flights NW 3293 and 404, CMI->DTW->BWI.

I'm not really planning on bringing the camera.. that's one extra thing to carry. Considering the iPod, but since I still don't have a belt case for it, we'll see... I don't want to carry too much around...

::frowns:: I need to stop being nervous and just sit back and enjoy this. Or at least settle with peoplewatching. Hopefully, the opportunity to make jokes will present itself and I'll find a few friends that way... Or I'll stalk a loner.

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