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Notes from the counseling office

Report cards are scheduled to be mailed home on Monday June 28.  If you find a missing or incorrect grade on the report card contact Mrs. Krichbaum at 301-279-8431 in the Registrar's office.  She is the person who corrects grades in the computer grading system.  

The counseling office mailed letters on June 21 to students who failed semester two classes that are required for graduation.  We did the mailing so students who wanted to attend session one of summer school could meet the June 25 registration deadline for semester one of summer school.  The registration forms are in the counseling office and require a counselor's signature for processing.  They can be picked up between 7 am and 3 pm.  The registration deadline for semester two summer school is July 16th.

One of the counselor's summer activities is to review transcripts for the rising seniors.  Look for a mailing in early August listing the remaining graduation requirements for seniors along with information that will help seniors get an early start on senior year activities.

The counseling office welcomes Latrice Mosely as Richard Montgomery's newest counselor replacing Mrs. Rossini who has chosen to stay home with her new son.  Ms. Mosely will join the department in early August.

As you may be aware, counselors are part-time employees during the summer months.  As a result, not all counselors are available everyday.  When you call the counseling office first ask for your child's counselor, if the counselor is not available feel free to speak to any counselor.

During the summer months the counseling office could use extra help, so we are looking for student volunteers.  SSL volunteer hours are available for volunteers.  We need students to answer phones, assist with the summer mailings, organize material, etc.

If you have questions or comments feel free to contact us. 

John Randall
Richard Montgomery Resource Counselor

-from the RMPTSA List serv.

Then how come I already have my report card.. ::boggles::

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