Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Ah, yes...

Keep forgetting to post this.

The amount of Mangas (eh. Mangas, right? Or should that be Manga? Or Mangi? :D) in bookstores these days is disturbing. And the amount of people who have become anime fans. ::sighs:: I'm going to need to find some other obsession soon... It's boring (and annoying) when there's shitloads of idiots who claim the same obsession as you do. Not that all anime lovers are idiots, but the good majority of incoming ones are.

Still, everyone has to start out as a newbie at some point, neh? So we should cut them a bit of slack. But just a bit. The rest... well... ::pulls out a large, pink 10-ton hammer of doom::

[ edit | This is not in response to meeting a new anime fanatic. This is in response to the amount of manga/graphic novels in stores (Borders, Waldenbooks (an extension of borders?), B&N) that I have stepped into. Two to three shelves full is more than there was when I first found anime.... ]

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