Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

There's been an annoying increase... spam as of late. Most of it's stuff like, " more viagra." "Get mortgage" etc.

And you know what I think would be really effective? A Spelling and Grammar based spam filter. 'Cause most of these use random periods and misspelled words and random words scattered in in an attempt to throw off normal spam filters. A spelling and grammar based spam filter, set to mark things with more than 60% failed spelling and grammar problems as spam would filter out a good... 75% of the e-mails... maybe even up to 90%. However, it might also filter out people who don't use proper spelling and grammar. "Dud3 ur 4$$ 1z m1n3.". Not like I get messages with that sort of thing anyways, so it doesn't matter much.

Yesssss... sooo... anyone want to write the filter for me? (How would I implement this in Mail anyways?)

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