Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Ah, yes...

My mom was commenting about this today. So amusing.

-Link from Xella.

(Sorry, at least I found it amusing. Especially with all the gay/lesbian marriage whining that's been going on as of late... It'd be very good if they really were into each other. :D Oh, what a news story that'd be. And what support they may garner...)

So, would it be bad to twiddle with the possibilities for this? ::grins wickedly:: Granted, I probably don't care enough to make anything happen... and wasting power on something silly is... well... silly. ::yawns:: shall go to bed early tonight. Open to dream visits, if anyone cares to drop by... assuming you can find my mind, anyways. It's the perverted, female, feline one, somewhere in maryland, usually thinking in images and english, with a dash of chinese.

sorandom. bwee.

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