Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


If you guys send me e-mail, do not use:
-Strange looking subjects
-Blank subjects
-"message subject" or "message subj." or "message"
-A random dollar amount
-Anything regarding pleasing women
-Office XP, Windows, and assorted software
-Single word subjects, without capitalization or grammar. Such as "editorial"
-Avoid using "Hey", "Sorry...", "RE:", "Hey, r u there"

I don't have actual filters that delete the e-mail, but if it looks spam-ish enough (and if it's marked by Mail as spam), there's a good chance I won't bother opening it and I'll just trash it.

Ways to make sure your e-mail gets through:
-From address field is important. Most spam use full names(, created randomly?). So see if you can use your e-mail address instead. Probably not, but if it's the first time you're using that e-mail address to send me stuff, it may be wise to do so. Or have it display an obviously fake name. Like "Viktaren Starweaver~" (mine, don't use. ::protective hiss:: )
-Subject. Come up with something intelligent. It can be long... I display about 80 characters of the subject... Or just copy and as much of your e-mail body into the subject box. (making sure to remove extra spaces and newlines)
-It's cheating, but you could put "Your Xanga Subscription Digest" or "Reply to your comment...". It's cheating, but I'm not going to delete those e-mails without reading them. Still, I wouldn't use this one that too often... it'd annoy me.

There's an additional filter now, so that proper e-mail with my e-mail address as one of the recipients will get marked black, or bright yellow, if it's probably spam (as opposed to being marked gray, if it doesn't include my e-mail address, or dirt yellow, if it's spam).

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