March 20th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)


14 steps

13 hundred black birds pecking at my brain,
seeking anything but finding nothing,
Lost red rags in the shape of roses drift,
aimless like wood on water, over dark,
heavy stones.

12 million dollars, spent and lost,
in search of something past and gone,
Once found, but now fled from the arms,
of those that sought too hard.

11 billion minds, working all together,
as one. Directing no one every this where.

10 dots. 9 pixels. 8 horsemen.

7 deaths, lost in the sky, to the stars we go.
6 trees, standing old guardians to the last gate.
5 keys, each for one child, lost between the eyes of
4 god, sent from afar to watch over the
3 lost ones, so that they wander not too far.

2 is the number that is sacred, kept only by
1, who counts the stars in their all lasting infinity.
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Neko (lofulah)

..we have a problem..

Power outage has hit our community again... shutting down server. It could stay up, but like... beeping noises of UPS Backup systems irritating.

~Neko, signing off.

[ edit | 5:32 PM ] system back online..
Neko (lofulah)

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::whimpers:: My mind keeps saying that i've been bad and should be punished >.< my mental mistress. mef. and the seminar went badly (for me, at least).. time flew rather quickly, and my questions (not just the one that I asked) were all vague... and I didn't really follow the flow of the conversation at all... not good. ::sighs:: I hate bismarck. I don't understand/remember anything, and it's all very discombobulated.

more stuff due tomorrow, then a busy weekend. I'm going to insist on going to the party, regardless of how I do on the competition. Need to make sure I have Mark's address. 12408 Great Park Cir #104 Germantown 20876... right? someone check and tell me.

I need to go read Bismarck, make specific questions and think of things to say. I actually had stuff to say today, 'cept I was never sure if it'd be the right answer... and if that was actually what was being asked for. usually it was. ::sighs:: must speak more tomorrow... dismal grades.. if I get an A in physics, maybe I could have a 3.0 instead of less that a 3.0.

Darkness falls behind me, and death behind me,
I have forgotten the voice that spoke so gently inside me...
Neko (lofulah)


sometimes I wonder if escaflowne is true. that believing is something.. or fearing something makes it come true. then again, maybe I got the idea wrong... but the general gist that I picked up was that fate is what you make it. in a way. so like the idiot main character made fate go the way she feared through her fear and her tarot cards...

i ramble. going to go eat dinner.
Neko (lofulah)

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I need to begin another style/make styles for the calendar/day/friends pages.

We speak... counterpoint...
...from top... bottom...
...our minds...
...our hearts...
...are one.
Neko (lofulah)

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[post deleted, it needs to go in the other journal. godaamnit.]