March 26th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)

Math Problem...

Given the number's 5, 5, 5, & 1, you have to get 24.
You are allowed to use any of the basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
You MUST use every number once and only once.

It is possible (took me 15-20 minutes to get it... before everyone else in the math team! bwahahahaha, major ego boast that I really needed...)

I have left the first clue in the comments. If you get the answer/think you get the answer, IM me on AIM and I'll (hopefully) be there to respond to tell you if you got it right.

(AIM = numair2 )

Good Luck~!

(as of right now, 4 people have the answer, Mini-lily(she never got it herself -.-), Me, kid from china that I forgot his name (15 min after me), and the girl at drama (1h)...)
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Neko (lofulah)

(no subject)

Why isn't there something that solves everything?
Why doesn't magic always work?
Why do my prayers seem half answered, each and every time?
Why am I such a failure?
Why did I chose IB?
Why am I not perfect?
Why is so much required of me?
Why does the world spin so quickly?
Why do I lack direction?
Why doesn't God answer my f*cking prayers?
Why are all my friends failing?
Why can't I convince myself that it isn't my fault?
Why do you even want to reply to this post?
Why am I asking so many questions?
Why do I exist?
Why can't I do more?
Why can I chose to live in another world, one of my own making?
Why can't this other world be magical?
Why can't I find the damn door?
Why does life suck?
Why does life suck for those whom I care about?
Why can't I seem to do anything for them?
Why must their lives suck?
Why can't I sacrifice myself like Jesus to save those whom I care about?
Why do I stress out about things?
Why am I so angry?
Why shouldn't I try cutting?
Why do I live?
Why do I fail?
Why don't I die?
Neko (lofulah)

(no subject)

On further reflections, those were actually half meant to fish for comments. But only half meant. The other half was really meant as questions I've been asking...

(there's a reason for the coloring. see this journal entry from a while ago when I first started using the color codes (no, I didn't copy from Mai-chan!))