April 27th, 2003

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ah, the techie codes. Come on, Lady, they weren't that hard to fine.. search google for 108 Turkey lights that's what it's there for

An extended version, with more than we have posted!

and another version:

this, however, is the current copy of the code we have up

minor differences in numbering... probably will print and post the geocities/broadway copy.

and a few more random links while I'm at it...
Neko (lofulah)

ugh... I write such crap sometimes...

Here's the question:
3. In the excerpt from the critical essay by Rei Terada, taken from Derek Walcott's Poetry, she writes, "although mimicry is in general a necessary part of life, cultures may choose to mimic in constructive or destructive ways." What does she mean by "mimicry"? cite several examples from the poem that illustrates this. Explain your choices.

Here's my answer:
III. By mimicry, I think Rei Terada means to mimic animal nature in fighting for land and killing. In the poem, the killing of whales is an example of human mimicking the animal nature to kill, but we are more destructive, because we overdo the killing. Also, driving the Native Americans away from their land is also an animal trait, but, again, it is done excessive to the point that they are driven to the point of near extinction.


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