May 16th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)


Livejournal has a new commenting thingie with a smily on/off selector thingie..

go comment, look next to subject and you'll see what I mean..

This means IBCorner will be in for another upgrade, so I can enjoy the awesomeness on my own server ^^

Yay, watched a bit of Neko no Ongaeshi, the cat's so cute... and kinda odd seeing him? stand up on two legs... Anyhow, need to get the DVD when/if I go back to taiwan. doubt that'll happen, so maybe I'll just settle for a DivX version when people get that out. (the current version I have is the recorded-in-movie-theaters version. flickering screens and all. aaaah, my spoiled eyes.)
Neko (lofulah)


Well, it was good, Shakespeare was interesting. My favorites were the Resonance(sp?) group and also the poem on coffee by alex (?).

Was petted, poked (eh, more tickled), and in general, happified. Lady was there, doing sound stuffs, tech as usual. Mrreow, how come I don't ever hear about techie opportunities?

Anyways... it was a good happy use of 2 hours (I left an hour early), but I decided not to get any coffee. I like my normal sleeping patterns.

mrf. I have a short story I wrote a while ago (more than a year) that's sitting here next to me. It's kind of a copyish off of another story I read elsewhere, very close copy, but different (I hope). May or may not post it. But it was a outlet for some of my more depressed moments.

I'm more at peace now, I think, with myself. I dunno, it feels like I'm lying a bit when I say that, but part of me says, yes, you're at peace with yourself. Now, the only really negative emotions/feelings I'm plagued with often is stress, but that's more self-imposed (and probably bad of me... oh well).

I babble.

ish. Oh well.

[/end babble]