June 15th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)


Wireless connection seems nice and stable and has been for... a long while. Maybe it was just the storm yesterday that was causing problems for it. Should move cable modem back and see if it works again...

In the near future, we have...
History, Math <- Monday exams
Physics, EE meeting with adviser, Cable Dude fix internet? <- Tuesday exam
English, Chinese <- Wednesday exams
Alex Pool Party (have yet to tell her that I'm going), IBCorner reinstalling/etc. <- Thursday
See Matrix????, Harry Potter midnight party thingie at bookstore <- Friday
Belinda's B-day party <-Saturday/Sunday (sleepover, 10?-12? little girls running all over the house, good lord....)
--end of week--
Archeology Dig <- Sunday
Morning "Driving with professional" 2 hours <- Monday
Morning "Driving with professional" 2 hours <- Tuesday
Morning "Driving with professional" 2 hours <- Wednesday
Neko (lofulah)

Physcis Lab Notebook report.

Am completely missing the Water Balloon Launch lab, I know I got it back, just can't find it at the moment... found it..

Missing lab sheets for Skittles Lab (#1), Toy Gun Lab (#9), Mobile Lab (#12), and Specific Heat Capacity/BB Lab (#16)

Otherwise, I have everything else...