June 18th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)


Finally, done with S~C~H~O~O~L =^.^=


::prances and bounces around throwing flower petals around::

Hmmm.. to do make a list of what I've got to do over the summer...

awwww, sakura and her brother work nicely together when they're not arguing.. =^.^=

...oh, bout today's tests, they were all so-so.. english was badly bsed. Chinese, well, I only fully understood one to the four essays that we had to read/answer questions on. >.< oh well, will study hard over the summer and ace the IB Chinese exam next year.

Right, my attention is wandering, back to CCS~ (episode 22 at the moment, have up to 28)
Neko (lofulah)


I washed the dishes today. Was randomly good. Water is still too darn wet for my liking. ::sticks his tongue out at the water::

(Well, ok, truthfully, it's to make my mom think I'm good so I can avoid practicing piano... >.< I should go practice, yep, especially since her recital is coming up. ::sighs:: it's just barely memorized, probably has fallen back to unmemorized since I haven't played since start of exams. Eh, so minus 3 days of practice... yeah, probably unmemorized again now. Bother. Maybe I will be good and go practice.)

...Karen-senpai, if you're reading this, do tell me how the e-mail -> Gordon went/what his reply was/when Matrix Reloaded watching be/etc. [ edit | got e-mail from Gordon, query answered ] Thanks for letting us borrow Mario Smash Bros too, btw. Will return it eventually ^^;; whenever I see you next after Belinda's party.

[ edit | random afterthought ]
And Lady gave my book back, yayyayyayyayyay~ ::bounces, huggling the book::

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Neko (lofulah)


Look, look, look, look, look-nyo!! If you throw something light up into the ceiling fan, it'll get bounced around for a while if you time it right-nyo! ::grins cheerfully and scampers off to look for more light objects to feed the fan::

::gasps:: Oooh, and I just realized that one could easily put the little doggie eh, beanie baby in a spreadeagle position. Should do a short comic strip with that. Will be amusing, and only slightly R, I promise ^^;;

...And the repairs/formatting/etc. has officially begun on IBCorner. Let's hope I backed up everything I was supposed to. Probably didn't, but it's good to start fresh after a while, I think.
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