June 22nd, 2003

Neko (lofulah)



25  Marbenais of Timeheart: Nearly worships: Nita and Ronan, Kit, Dairine; Hermione, Harry, Ron; Daine and Numair, Alanna and George; Lyra and Will; Annegret and Eckhart; Kazul, Cimorene and Mendenbar, Morwen and Telemain; Viviane, Morgaine.
ish Lady! =^.^=

(trying to find all her Lady's journals again, forgot to back up his bookmarks before reformatting (damnit, lost all those porn and EE links... well, the EE stuff I can find again, and porn doesn't matter too much, I'm sure eventually I'll get someone to strip for me ::sighs::))
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