July 16th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)

You know those shirts that say...

You know those shirts that say "Runs with Scissors"? I need one that says "Plays with string" or maybe even "Plays with handcuffs"...

WST was good, ran up and down the stairs => stage doing lav tests for ....what's his name? Henry? ::forgets momentarily::

::blinks:: and Ann (Anh? dunno, what's her name... came with us to subway, sat outside smoking?) has wings. That was random, yes, although the wings appear shabbyish. She needs to take better care of herself, methinks.

Today I learned what squack (sp?) was. It controls how specific the frequency of the receiver must be for it to accept transmissions.

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Went over to Karen's today. I think she got taller. O.o Maybe because she exercises more than I do. I need to buy my own copy of Mario Smash Bros. 'cause my sister keeps obsessing over it. (she was sitting behind me trying to beat the bonus levels... which are, in my opinion, impossible. Well, most of the platform ones, anyhow.) ^^;;; I kinda feel bad for borrowing it so long, even though senpai says she doesn't play it often anyways... Oh, and senpai, if you're reading this, mom says next time should would be happier if you do tell your parents that I've coming over, okey? I know that may make things complicated, but.. ::shrugs::

I think that's about it... ::yawns:: am randomly very tired today. Oyasumi nasai~