July 28th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)

"RSC was very very very good. Will post about it later."

Yeah, um. It was funny, and very very very good... very funny ^^ would highly recommend it to anyone who can get to the Kennedy Theater. And if you want to pay for my ticket, I'll more than gladly come along and watch it again. Well, even if you don't pay for my ticket, I would still come and watch it again.

Alas, I don't remember much, 'cept for a few quotes. Which I have forgotten at the moment and probably won't recall later anyways. But you can head on over to the RSC website and check out the clip they have.

Watched Shanghai Nights (?). Funny, amused at how they dragged in random peoples from history.

Am tad worried at how fast time has flown and how little work I've accomplished. Bother.