August 15th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)


Virtual Bento. Too bad you can't pluck it out of your screen and eat it... (it's shockwave, but kinda lousy)

yeah, I guess I post more when I'm stressed. Or is that because I'm on the computer more, trying to get this EE editing done... bother. ::sighs:: not sure how to use footnotes when the entire paragraph is from one source.... you see, currently, my essay is arranged:

Define MPI, OpenMP, Parallel Processing
Paragraph analysis/summary of first paper that I read
Paragraph analysis/summary of second paper that I read
Paragraph analysis/summary of third paper that I read
Paragraph analysis/summary of fourth paper that I read

Each paragraph starts with something similar to "In [paper name], by [such and such], [such and such is discussed]. Etc." and so there's really nothing to be cited... since the entire paragraph comes from that one paper.

So I'm thinking of rearranging it to be:

Define MPI, OpenMP, Parallel Processing
MPI Advantages/Disadvantages spread over several paragraphs
OpenMP Advantages/Disadvantages spread over several paragraphs

shorter, in a format I would know exactly how to use the footnotes (I think) to possibly very time consuming to sort and resort all the facts... and then make it all flow.... which it does right now, but after a resorting so massive... mrf. Bother. Screw this, going to bed. If anyone has suggestions or opinions or whatnot, I'm wide open.
Neko (lofulah)

Following mami-neechan's lead...

A bio for my profile here has (finally) been written. Well, updated. Or I mean written... or is that updated? But... oh nevermind. It's all text, and all in black... I should get some nice images or something... ^^;

Olin's application is out. Need to start on that ::sighs:: need to sort out all of the other applications and stuffs... bother.

::whines:: Summer went by too fast, it's not fair! I haven't had a chance to do everything I wanted or even needed to do! There anime I still have to watch, books I still have to read, chinese... and japanese that I still need/want to study, essays I have to write... stories I should work on, songs I have to dance to... bad Time, no treat. Go back to your room! And stop yourself... or something convenient.

The guidance department at RM is irritating. They STILL haven't called me back, it's been three days... Are they really that busy, or did my message get lost somewhere? ::sighs:: have to call them monday. Stupid schedule. Stupid counselors. Bah, stupid admissions thingie too, you know... We're paying to go college, the least they could do is just accept us. Why do we have to write all these essays and stuff. Meanies. I hope they.. mm.. get run over by a giant pink rampaging marshmallow bunny. Yeah.