August 17th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)


Kawaii~ ladeeladeela~

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::sighs:: words are too small. Probably will not try again, so if anyone wants to take the image, feel free.

It is the main character's complete cat (or is that kitten?) form from Tokyo Mew Mew, revealed (for the first time?)... Episode 27, BitTorrent link found here:

::yawns:: these songs are so perverted. Ok, well, not perverted, but.. um. suggestive? And half the time I just miss it. Not because I'm slow or anything, it's just that I leave the music on to block out the other loud or less flowing music in the house... and so it gets ignored...

Have started Caltech and MIT application forms (Part 1) online. May cancel the Caltech one, california is a bit far. And I think I like MIT's anime club better ^^ although I didn't like their campus that much. I probably should take a look at the essay questions of all the schools I'm thinking about (currently 10, but I'm definitely going to drop at least 3, if not more.) College is still evil.
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Neko (lofulah)

[ Thus Titled | "Self-Denial" or "That's NOT the Chinese Homework!" ]

Damnit, can't find my chinese summer homework...
That's ok, so we lost it =^^= I'm sure that'll be a good excuse!
But, it'd be better if I found it and did it... I'm sure it's in a red folder somewhere... ::searches::
Umhm... Can't we just forget about it or something? And go sleep? Or eat food?
Ah hah! Found it. Stupid blue folder.
Nuh uh, that's not it!
But it is! See?
Shut up. You can't not look at it, I'm looking at it, and you're part of me!
Fine, so I see a blue folder. But you said it was red!
...but this is the chinese summer homework!
See? Then why else would it say "Chinese Summer Homework 2003" on it?
Oh Shut Up. That's just your imagination.

iiiiieeee, lookie!
You know that doggie translator thingie... Well, there's finally one for cats.