August 26th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)

well... ::shrugs::

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In other news, I think I post too much. So I don't get comments. Then again, my comment to post ratio isn't that bad, so I guess maybe it's just because I post so much that doesn't really require any sort of response back...
Neko (lofulah)

wow... delightfully tough questions...

Interview from Mami-neechan. Refer to interview instructions here:

1.If you could be your favorite fictional character, who would you be?
Eep, wow, let's see...fictional character....... Numair ^^ from Tamora Pierce's various series. Oh, wait a sec, I don't need to be human, do I... hmm, then Arhu, the kittling from Diane Duane's series. Yep, would like to be him because I wouldn't mind being so childish once in a while, but with magic and oh, so many reasons.

2.Common question but I have to ask: if you were going to be stuck on an island and could only take one thing with you, what would it be? If coming up with just one is too hard, list the top 3 things you would HAVE TO have.
Hm. It really depends on the island. If it was Japan, then... mmm... one briefcase of money. If it was some random deserted island out in the world somewhere, then a rubrix cube. Still haven't solved one yet, and if I'm going to be alone, I'd rather be busy. I suppose it'd be more practical to have a satellite phone so I could get my sorry tail out of there, but, hey, who said I have to be practical?

(You can accept those as my top three things I'd have for a deserted island. Suitcase of money, because of the irony life seems to enjoy. Rubix cube, to solve and to throw at evil animals so I can slay them for food (ugh, raw meat?? Can I start a fire with a rubix cube?). Phone. Obvious reason.)

3.If you could be with anyone in the world you wanted, who would you want to be with?
Wow. Errr.. ::looks around:: There's two people who I could say, but choosing one over the other may bother one... or the other. ^^;; I don't have that special person yet (chobits!), but I suppose if I had to chose... well, a day with God or whatever entity is running this place would be nice. I have quite a few questions for him or her to answer.

4.What's one of the hardest things you ever had to do in life so far?
In-class Oral commentaries. God, I hate talking in front of people....

5.And here's my favorite question for everyone: What's your most prized possession and why is it so important to you?
I'd say friends, but they're really not "possessions"... so... I suppose eyesight or finger's really aren't possessions either... And feelings come and go, they're not mine for the possessing.

As bad as this may be, I have to say my computer. I rely on it for too many things, entertainment (anime), internet (information), communication.. hm, actually, it might be my cable connection, since all of these require that... so that might be an even better choice. Yep, so "cable connection" as my most prized possession. God, that sounds so sad. There's no other possession I can think of though...
Neko (lofulah)

The B-I-B-L-E, that's the word for me...

mmmm... random bible verses. Yummy.

A question though,
Why believe in the Bible? After all, didn't humans write the bible? And if humans are imperfect, then therefore, shouldn't the bible be imperfect as well? Also, the bible is called the word of God. How can it be the word of God if God himself did not write it? Is he or she bored enough to reach down into the pens of these mortal lives to write down stories and sayings?

Certainly, I believe there is a God, but I don't think I can call myself a Christian. Or maybe I can, but just in the very loose sense, if that is possible.