August 31st, 2003

Neko (lofulah)

Hahahaha, score!

800 comments for Olga, goal= accomplished √
Other people helped as well, not claiming all the credit here, just posted the 800th comment, so I thought I should mention it here.

Need to go back and copy/save out some of the things I said.. =^^= Namely the "I am in IB..." and "You know you are in IB if..." Done.

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Neko (lofulah)


Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today
Into the starlit night
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze
Waiting on a shooting star
What if that star is not to come?
Will their dreams fade to nothing?
When the horizon darkens most
We all need to believe there is hope
Is an angel watching closely over me?
Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
I know my heart should guide me.
There's a hole within my soul.
What will fill this emptiness inside me?
Am I to be satisfied without knowing?
I wish then for a chance to see
Now all I need <desperately>
Is my star to come...

Song: Wind's Nocturne

so beautiful... T.T

Apparently, it's Luna's Boat Song? from Lunar Silver Star Story Complete? ::shrugs:: anyone have more info?

Hm, have found a mp3. Download:
Quality is low :-/ but oh well. Need to find the game for this. And there's supposed to be a japanese version of this song, I think... o.O?? Or maybe I'm just confused....
Neko (lofulah)

Thank you, Xella!

Here's the japanese version of the Lunar Boat Song... kazenonokutaan.mp3, kindly provided by xella. I think the vocal part is better than the english version. Or maybe that's just because I'm in the middle to trying to think of a good way to bs this english journal entry >.< and not paying too much attention to what's coming through my computer speakers.

And then there's Strap-on Monkey made by xella.......... o.O
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Neko (lofulah)

O.O Mew!?

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Hark! Who is that, running out of the candy store! It is Ibneko, hands clutching two hardened pitas! She cries thunderously:

"I'm going to fuck you until you purr like a bitch-kitten!!"

Find out!
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Neko (lofulah)


I have too much to do, am wasting too much time on the computer and not actually working on my english journal.

Target completion time for that: before mini-lily's party.
Is it happening? No.
Will I try? Yes, I'm not giving up, just yet. 2 hours.
So? I'm getting offline. Closing the Finder, closing mail, closing AIM, leaving iTunes, leaving Word.

Not that I want to think about it, but I have other stuff I have to do too... seminar, college essays that I'm being pressured to finish now, etc. >.<

New word of the day: Gaphuck.

I need a padded room and a straitjacket so I can bounce off the walls. Rubber walls and a rubber straitjacket maybe? Ooooh, that'd be so cool (hey, not to mention interestingly kinky as well =^.-=)? boingboingboingboingboingboing~

Anyhow, this is Neko, signing off until 10:25 PM when the party will be over and he should be back home.
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