September 9th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)


Helped Gordon transfer his video advertisement or something-other for tape. Took much longer than I thought, due to the most random encoding method's I've seen in a while. Well, not seen, but like... they
were just weird.

Things I learned from that minorly (is that spelled right? Is there such a word?) frustrating episode:
1. Things are best changed into a easily playable format before doing full-screen recording.
2. VCD mpeg style is preferred. Ben saw that it is good.
3. Quicktime is kinda slow in understanding fullscreen and playing and stuff like that.

Other than that, I have to say I'm stupid for recording about 4 episodes (25 minutes x 4) of anime on SP when I wanted to do EP. >.< which means now I'm re-recording. psh.

And now I must stop wasting time on this and figure out what I want to write for my English Journal :P and then if I have extra time, do the math homework that I haven' t done. And then work on the ToK group project. The current time is 9:06 PM. Your eyes are lying to you.

[ edit | I'll get to people's comments. I promise! I'm days behind, I know! ]
Neko (lofulah)

Ugh, I'm an idiot.

(Or, proof that I'm very deprived of sleep at the moment)

You know how earlier I talked about not recording the episodes in EP like I needed to? Well, I did it again. When I went back to re-record the episodes in EP, I recorded them without remembering to select SP. And hopefully there's enough time left on the tape. Which there should be, since there's .5 hours left in SP, which _should_ translate to 1.5 hours in EP. And there's only 45 min on that VCD that I'm recording at the moment. (1 VCD = 2 episodes = 45 minutes)

I'm going back to work.

iJournal died on me and lost this post earlier. I had written something else, probably about lack of sleep in relationship to my failure of grammar skills. Which means my journal is going to suck.

Oh, and I whined about not being able to sleep in SP and then waking up and using that as EP. (Essentially, that'd mean for 2 hours of sleep in SP, you'd get 6 hours of sleep in EP) Yeah, that logically does not make sense, but as of right now, nothing does.

And most of those comments I speak of are actually on IBS. Which I can't access via going through the router, out to the internet, and then being redirected back in. Why? I ranted about this already, but my stupid SMC router's firmware update screwed it up. And I curse at it much right now. But until then, I won't be answering most of the comments on IBS.