September 30th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)

For all you underclassmen out there...

(crossposted since it was warmly (kinda) received at IBCorner, with minor modifications to make it flow better (oh, what hast thee done to me, IB? Making things flow better? So... abnormal of me, and so perverted too...))

[lousy rant] Just as a warning, college applications are EVIL wicked things that deserve to be squished, stuffed down three toilets, flushed a few dozen times, and then used as a rotten mangos for throwing at bad actors. Then whatever is left is to be dipped in alcohol and lit on fire. And danced/paraded around and around the school, singing Mary had too many Little lambs. Not to worry, if you set the school on fire, the asbestos will save it... [/rant]

(mmm, actually, I think there's only one underclassman out there... or underclasswoman. Everyone else is either also a senior or beyond the evil grasps of college applications. Then again, I've attracted strange stalkers before, so they might be underclasspeoples who need to be warned, so I guess I'm doing a good deed anyhow. Yay.)