December 5th, 2003

Neko (lofulah)

Mmmm... Perl.

I'm getting to like perl very much. No compiling needed, no variable type declarations, simple concepts. Lots of pre-written libraries. With documentation, just like java.

This page is completely generated by a perl script. Written over the course of two? three. days. It works in conjunction with another perl bot that will pick up input and save it to a file, which is then read when someone loads the above mentioned page.

It's so cool.

Pretty soon, I'll be ready and willing to try to go back into the livejournal code and start hacking that so everyone at IBCorner can view their 400+? userpics on separate pages.

Yes, I need to fix the e-mail notification, I know. I promise I'll get to that soon. I use it too, you know.

You know, I need one thing though. I need to figure out what functions/methods work in perl. It's probably pretty obvious and a concept I'll understand quickly (haha, watch it be so complex that I get boggled and confused and end up chewing my fingers off, thinking that they're peanuts or something). I just need to look at it.

Yeah, those are famous last words as well. Just like, "What does this button do?"

Voice~: That button submits your post, stupid
Shut up...
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Neko (lofulah)

No school~


Now I can work on my college apps (haha, not).

Also todo:
World Lit final.
Catch up in ToK and read the handouts that I've only been skimming through as of late.
Assorted things that I need to do.